Iron Production

iron and metal fabrication, material handling, installations

1a - Bonded &
1b -Detailing
1c - 2" thick doors
1d - Heavy Duty Bearing Hinges
pre greased
2a - Forging
2b - Heating Iron bars
2c - Hand Forging
2d - Forming
3. Thermal Break
RebachTB Iron Doors
3a - Low E tempered
insulated glass
3b - Operable glass casements - secure
3c - Post Install - Product Wrap Protection
3d-custom one piece insulated transoms
4a - one piece door jambs
not knock down
4b - Insulated door sheets or Thermal Break
4c - Integrated steel T-astragal and flush bolts
4d - Finish: 6 layer process...
5a - Iron Door Installations
5b - Framing
5c - Opening Ready
5d - Interior
6a - Special handling
6b -16mm forged
scroll design
6c - Weather Sealed
Operable Glass Casements
6d - Large Projects

*NEW* Thermal Break Iron Entry Doors

Utilizing the basic principles, using a substrate to isolate the connection of steel and finally isolating the delivery of cold air and providing protection against colder inclement weather and noise reduction.

Iron Door Construction

All seams are welded, ground and polished for a clean and refined finish.
Our doors and jambs are made from 12 gauge steel, no bondo, fillers or cover up is ever needed.
All doors and windows are filled with fiberglass insulation, providing protection against cooler inclement weather and noise reduction.

Window Casements

We offer a window casement profile swing-out system, allowing ventilation and easy glass cleaning.


5/8” to 1” IG clear tempered insulated glass is available. 
A variety of patterned and obscure glass styles are available upon request.

Our Pre-hung Inludes:

All our iron doors are pre-hung.
Jamb, heavy duty hinging, astragals, flush bolts, roller catches (on doors with pulls)
and neoprene astragal weather stripping.
Fully mortised to accept striker plates.  A standard
2-1/8” hole @ 2/3/8 – 2-3/4” backset. Accepts most North American standard hardware sets.
Hardware must be specified at time of order (pulls with deadbolt or handle sets).


Thickness - Iron doors are 2” thick.
Widths  - Standard widths or you may opt for a custom width upon consultation.
Height  -  Standard heights or you may opt for a custom height upon consultation. Due to the heavy gauge material used, there are no limitations
on the height of our iron doors.

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